How To Wear Our Activewear Everywhere

How To Wear Our Activewear Everywhere

There is no clear distinction between activewear, swimwear, vacation suits, casual wear, or workout outfits. It's no big deal if your yoga pants have never been to the yoga studio or you attend a business meeting in casual wear. Who cares anyway when you are comfy? Consider tank tops or yoga pants the new power suits.

Wear Activewear in and out the gym

Athleisure is one of the most rapidly growing aesthetic in recent fashion history. It refers to the use of activewear in different environments, such as the university, the office, or to carry out a social activity. It has spread worldwide as if it is not a trend but a movement. That's a big claim, but when you consider the hundreds of celebrities and millions of others who have eagerly adopted this style, it's safe to argue that athleisure styling has had a significant influence on how people dress daily.

Gone are the days when activewear sets were restricted to gym or workout. People now wear it outside the studio. Athleisure is a trend to stay.

Are you going to a formal dinner? Layer a leather jacket or pair of heels and transition yourself to a formal setting. It looks highly versatile as you can look stylish and feel cozy simultaneously. Sweatpants, hoodies, sweatshirts, track pants, high-rise leggings, and baseball cap are athleisure items that are now popular.

What should be your go-to Activewear sets?

Here are a few clothing suggestions for any event that combines a workout outfit with style and accessories.

· Skin-fit-Tights

· Cycling shorts

· Tank Tops

· Track Pants

· Gym Bike shorts

· Shorts

· High-rise, Capri leggings, and crop leggings

· Sport bras

· Hoodies

· Sweatshirts

· Pullovers

· Jumpsuits

Athleisure – What to Wear and How to Wear?

Ladies, are you confused and wondered if you can wear loungewear outside? Browse your wardrobe for cycling shorts or long leggings and complete the outfit with a blazer. If it’s a chilly day out, use an oversized sweatshirt as an overlayer and complete your look with a baseball cap. The ensemble is an absolute yes! Wearing activewear on the street has never been so trendy!

Is it girlfriends’ day out? Are you meeting a potential special someone at brunch? Or are you a fan of dressing up when going for a walk? Begin the OOTD with a comfortable pair of jeans and combine them with an oversized hoodie.

With the athleisure trend we changed our way of dressing and we seek a comfortable, sophisticated and sporty look at the same time. So now, going from work to the gym without having to go home it is possible! Leggings and blazers will be your best ally when it comes to creating your most comfy outfit!

For a shopping adventure with the girls, pair seamless leggings with a puffer vest or a trench, some fresh white socks over the top of your favorite sneakers, and a lovely little bag. Whether you choose neutrals or bright neon’s, this outfit has a whole vibe. Are you going for a night out? Put on high shine leggings with top toe heels and a black bralette, a perfect outfit for an evening bar-hopping with bae.

By combining fashion items such as jeans, a leather jacket, or heels with athletic items such as sweat pants, sneakers, or a sports bra, you may get a well-balanced appearance. Being Formal yet Functional.

Be it a lunch or dinner, give workout fits a new meaning with bike shorts and long sleeves top or pair some chunky boots for more festival vibes.

Dos and Don’ts of Pulling Off transforming clothes into Athleisure

· Be creative and imaginative, especially when mixing outfits and layering items.

· For a thriving style, include sportswear into your usual fashion collection.

· Don't forget to include accessories and jewelry.

· Watch out for on-and-off activewear trends.

· Don't lose sight of your unique style and look; re-interpret it.

· Mix high-performance sports textiles with stylish fabrics like denim and leather.


You can easily fit into a busy lifestyle with activewear sets outfits i-e it is wrinkle-free, has anti-odor qualities, and is durable and breathable. Also, molding clothes into the athleisure category is the perfect thing to throw on in various weather conditions, like if you are running errands or worried about sweating in the summers, or you are headed out in the extreme cold, and you want to be protected from elements.

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