Fashion Revolution Week

Fashion Revolution Week

During this week, from April 18-24 the Fashion Revolution Week takes place. Is a period when the worldwide fashion community comes together to create and build a positive fashion sense globally. This organization arose due to the Rana Plaza factory tragedy in Bangladesh where the eight-story building collapsed, killing approximately 1,100 people and injuring more than 2,500 innocent people on April 24, 2013.

The building housed four clothing factories that employed approximately 5,000 workers. The people who worked in this building made clothes for some of the world's best-known fashion brands. Most of the victims were young women.


This year we are going to commemorate the 9th anniversary of the Rana Plaza disaster and Fashion Revolution Week will emphasize on the interdependence of humans and the environment liberties as the mainstream fashion industry is based on the exploitation of people and natural resources, with wealth and power concentrated in the hand of a few.


The theme behind Fashion Revolution is always to guarantee that the apparel is produced in a secure, ethical, and reasonable manner, yet they typically seek diverse goals. This allows the Fashion Revolution movement to continue doing everything possible to fundamentally change the way our clothing is supplied, manufactured, and marketed.


The fashion revolution also sheds importance to pay fair wages to workers who work day and night, tirelessly, in dangerous conditions for insufficient pay. Poor quality and safety standards, huge workloads, and the constant need to perform all lead to a very poor work environment for employees. Thus, this revolution highlights this worrying issue and aspires to change it through sustainable fashion both on a human and environmental level.

The concept of "slow fashion" supports a responsible consumption movement and promotes the transparency of production processes, as well as the use of sustainable materials and fabrics in the manufacture of products. Likewise, slow fashion is concerned with reducing CO2 emissions, paying fair and equitable wages to workers, and providing better working conditions for employees.

This movement promotes fair, transparent, and healthy working conditions while offering high-quality products with greater durability.

In short, the fashion sector has the potential to lift millions of people out of extreme poverty and provide them with dignified and decent jobs, it has the potential to protect and rehabilitate our planet and the potential to bring people together, but for this to happen, we need to change a lot of things.

At MonBali we join this initiative as we want to be part of that change and we are committed to being more sustainable day by day as well as paying a fair wage to our workers. We produce our collections on the island of Bali, where we live, this allows us to carry out an exhaustive control of the quality of our garments, as well as ensuring the well-being of workers in the factory.

Our factory belongs to a Balinese family, Yudi and Suci and is made up of 62 workers, 23 female and 39 men. With them we create all our collections, from the beginning to the end.

We want to introduce you to Kadek and Putu. They, along with the rest of the factory workers, make it possible for MonBali to exist and for us to offer very high-quality standards.

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