About Monbali

On the beaches of Bali, where the waves form the sand and the colors draw the sky, Monbali was born, which not only embraced the beauty of the ocean, but was also committed to protecting it.

Monbali is a brand that goes beyond fashion and beauty, it is a beacon of sustainability and environmental awareness. Each Monbali product tells a unique story, woven with threads of consciousness, responsibility and emotional connection.

Thus Monbali began his round-the-world tour, inspiring each collection at a different point on the map, with the intention of creating a chapter in the travel diary of those who seek to explore, discover and embrace the beauty of the world.

Monbali's experience goes beyond choosing a swimming costume, a piece of clothing or sustainable practices, it is a passage to other places, it is a conscious act of preserving the natural paradise.

Monbali becomes your guide on a journey of fashion and conscience, a compass that points to the future where elegance and sustainability are inseparable.

Our collections as well as our packaging are made from natural and recycled materials. We make our garments with sustainable fibres such as ECONYL®, linen and organic cotton.

ECONYL®: regenerated nylon. Nylon waste, such as fishing nets or industrial plastic, that would otherwise pollute the Earth, is recovered and transformed into ECONYL® regenerated nylon that is exactly the same as virgin nylon and has the potential to be recycled endlessly without never lose its quality.  

Linen: it is considered a sustainable material since it uses fewer resources than other fibers (such as water, pesticides, energy). In many cases, it rehabilitates contaminated soil.

Organic cotton: the fabric has the same quality as conventional cotton, but without the negative impact on the environment. It is grown from non-GMO seeds and without the use of pesticides, insecticides or fertilizers. Much less water is used than in conventional cotton. Also, organic cotton farmers are not exposed to harmful substances.