Why Should We Bet On Sustainable Materials?

Why Should We Bet On Sustainable Materials?

Though animations of our pre-historic ancestors wearing potato sacks may not be accurate. Humans have come a long way in fabric evolution and fashion wear. Recently, greater importance is being given to the issue of sustainability in the textile sector in order to preserve the environment and our planet.


One of the sustainable alternative in fabrics is Econyl, used in the production processes of swimwear or activewear, among others. It is a recycled substitute for nylon, created from wasted products, mainly fishing nets, designed by an Italian company Aquafill. It is stretchy and durable.


Econyl is created with waste that would have taken years or centuries to decay. Such waste is vastly polluting the oceans, seas, and landfills. Making that waste useful again is a great way to achieve circularity and not further pollute the environment with the production of new nylon.


Due to the recycling process, significantly less waste is produced and fewer resources are used compared to nylon production. Producing Econyl takes half the energy of producing pure nylon. As a result, fifty percent less carbon dioxideis emitted, improving the environmental print. However, producing recycled nylon for swimwear or activewear is much costlier than virgin nylon.

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